Woop Video: Ridge Recap 2016

    Posted by Chris Schwager on 13/12/16 14:26
    Thanks for an awesome year!

    From Mortgage Brokers to Lawyers, it was all going on.

    These are people and businesses that really shine for us this year. They’ve shown how they’ve grown with video marketing and brought people closer to their business. They are close friends, clients and strategic alliances and that's why they have ended up in our end of year 2016 recap woop video.


    Smartline Mortgage Adviser

    15004_VIDEOMARKETING_2016_RECAP.00_00_19_20.Still004.jpegIf you’re thinking about becoming your own boss in a mortgage broking business, there’s a couple of things to think about. We helped Matt with 3 videos, a Prospect Nurture, Company Testimonial and Service Testimonial. All targeted at professionals looking for a new line of work.



    Edwards Family Laywers

    15004_VIDEOMARKETING_2016_RECAP.00_00_19_06.Still005.jpegEdwards Family Laywers specialise in all aspects of family law, and are dedicated to guiding you to a resolution. We worked with Fran and her team this year to get cut through on their Company Profile and Story Time videos. She loved the Story Time so much, she decided it should go on her homepage. If you’re looking for an experienced family law firm who has your best interests at heart, then give Fran a call.


    Hunterwood Solutions

    15004_VIDEOMARKETING_2016_RECAP.00_01_02_06.Still002.jpegHunterwood Solutions is an award winning mortgage brokerage firm, who specialise in investment property finance. John has been a real inspiration to us this year producing almost 40 videos over 12 months. Give him a call, you’ll get insights that less than 5% of mortgage brokers know about, to pay off your home loan sooner.


    We Partnered with Wistia


    This year during our four day journey to WistiaFest in Boston, we produced 5 short 30 second videos using our iPhone, some you can watch on our FaceBook page. Our aim was to quickly make introductions with fellow members of Wistia. Earlier this year Ridge Films became their agency partner in Australia. Read how we got their attention.



    My Choice Home Loans

    15004_VIDEOMARKETING_2016_RECAP.00_01_10_00.Still006.jpegMyChoice Home Loans provides finance support that reduces the complications of building your own home. Glen has produced several videos in conjunction with the roll out of the company with many more to come. If you're looking to buy a home give them a call, you'll understand your options, learn how much you can borrow and reduce all of that complicated paperwork, so you get in your home sooner.


    Viral Facebook Video

    15004_VIDEOMARKETING_2016_RECAP.00_00_36_10.Still003.jpegSpecial thanks to all the Ridge Films Facebook viewers. Earlier this year we created this swim survival video as a way to improve awareness across Facebook. The video reached over 300,000 people in one week which was an excellent result and gave us many insights into why the video went viral.


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