Why Financial Videos Are Informing Clients In A Better Way

    Posted by Chris Schwager on 17/09/17 08:06

    Present Content In A More Interesting And Engaging Way


    Lyle Greig, Certified Financial Planner of Bridges Financial Services is like our pinup boy for financial services because he's taking video to the next level and really outdoing a lot of his competitors using education financial videos.


    Chris: Lyle, it's the education content that we're really focusing in on now. For our business, education is about 60% of all the solutions that we offer. And, more increasingly, particularly in financial services, it is a constant reminder to prospective clients of how to talk in a language that is actually useful to them and keeps them informed and educated on new products and services as you're rolling them out. How has, with respect to the professional content that you've already produced, how has the education content better connected with your clients?financial videos

    Lyle: Well, it just gets them more engaged. I mean, most clients are not particularly financially literate or interested in finance and just trying to present content in a different and more interesting and engaging way has just enabled me to, yeah, I guess connect in a far better way with clients than I previously did. So, in the past, you just hand over your business card and you hand over a few fact sheets and all that sort of thing which is, let's be frank, pretty boring. You've got to move with the times. The way to digest content, I know myself personally, I'd rather watch a video, maybe 30, 60, maybe even up to a minute and a half, 3 minutes, than read a whole book of content.

    Consolidating Financial Planning Clients Education

    Chris: Okay, so for the prospective clients, the guys that you're trying to warm up and move closer to your business, how has using video improved the efficiency of that process?

    Lyle: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, yeah, this shouldn't be an original thought for a regular situation. Often I'll find myself engaging with clients, I'm saying the same thing over and over again. We've got these little sort of unofficial scripts in our head. So, it's a case of putting that down on video so you don't have to sort of repeat yourself. It could be something about superannuation strategy or something like that. By putting it on video and then pushing it out to clients or prospective clients, it's just a more efficient use of your time and they can obviously refer back to it. And it's different, that's the thing. This is a thing where you're ahead of the curve. They keep talking about video and mobile being this massive mega train, but when you look at the take up of business and even financial services, there's still not that many really, really I suppose embracing the new way to talk and market to clients.

    Chris: And what are the clients saying, prospective clients that have gone through that video mechanism if you like, heading towards building that financial plan? What has been their opinion of the videos?Simple Financial Videos

    "Video's a good way they can watch it once or twice or as many times as they want to get the concept, but then I think you've still gotta back it up".

    Lyle: Yeah, they love them. It's always good feedback, you know? A client came in my office probably, I think it was a month and a half ago, and he said, "Mate, went through and watched all your videos." "Wow, fantastic." And, yeah, so he was very complimentary and it's good to hear that. But I sometimes have to prompt them and sort of say, "Did you watch the video?" They'll say, "Yeah, no, that was really good. No, I really enjoyed that, got a lot out of it." Yeah, it's just the way to do business.

    Chris: How has it improved the efficiency of that initial meeting? Is it still content that you're going over? Or are you taking for granted to a certain degree that they've already consumed some of that information via video and then it ultimately is saving you a little bit of time in that meeting?

    Lyle: Yeah, I think it is. I mean, it's sort of consolidating their education, isn't it really? So if they've watched the video and then they're coming in and going over the same ground, then that's probably finally sinking in. So I wouldn't say it's completely replacing what I'm doing, but it's certainly a great supplementary. And, yes, by the time you think of saying it, clients have only just got it. So, I think, yeah, the video's a good way they can watch it once or twice or as many times as they want to get the concept, but then I think you've still gotta back it up.financial planning videos

    Chris: It was Kerwin Rae, a serial entrepreneur based in Sydney, who said that, in 2017, businesses need six touch points in order to grab attention and bring a client on board. In 2020, that's likely to be around about 20 touch points. How do you believe using the use of video will improve the ability to create abundance content and get in front of more people more frequently?

    Churning Financial Videos Out For The Sake Of It Is Pretty Dangerous

    Lyle: Yeah, look, I think the sky's the limit really when you think about it. The technology's there. It's getting easier to use. It's just more about what the content is and so thinking about not just turning the camera on and going for it. I think it needs to be quality, so, I suppose quality over quantity. But over time, once you sort of get into it, it's good fun. I really enjoy it. And, over time, you start building up a significant amount of content. So, I think, yeah, I think you've gotta start now because in a few years' time you're gonna have that abundance. But I think just trying to churn it out for the sake of it I think's pretty dangerous.

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