Watch How To Unlock The Potential Of Webcam Videos For Business

    Posted by Chris Schwager on 12/08/16 11:55

    Be more human with clients in your sales and follow-up processes.

    Using Webcam Videos For Business

    You have been sitting in front of an excellent tool and haven’t realised it. For years webcam videos have been used for Skype, communicating with loved ones or broadcasting webinars, but what about using it for the people you need to talk to the most.

    The evidence we saw from our trip to Boston this year, is a company that introduced personalised webcam videos for business as part of their sales process, with impressive results. They are delivering a consistent 65% conversion rate since introducing these videos. So we started doing it as well. 

    webcam videos for business can help you

    Begin business relationships by thanking clients for the opportunity

    Recently we had a significant sales opportunity which fell outside our usual process. We wanted the project and worked hard to ensure the prospect had everything he needed but time was tight to secure the deal. There was a lot of pressure, but we won the project. As a way to build further report Brendan recorded this video to help them feel they had made the right decision.

    New Record Holders Video 


    Follow up your clients and thank them for working with you.

    Recording webcam videos is a 10-minute process that might just add the extra point of difference you need, but more importantly, your client will feel special because you've taken the time to be human. I recorded this video to our client after our first project together. In addition, I added a click through to another area of our site with a more professionally produced video which also featured them during filming.


    “love this! best thank you email I’ve received :)”

    If you get obsessed by how many views your video has, then you may be disappointed. In some cases, our webcam videos have a viewership of 1. If we make a better connection with someone who matters to our business, then creating a video just for them was well worth it. So remove the crusty old sticker covering your webcam, clean the lens and get it working for your organisation.

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