How Our Little Swim Survival Video Went Viral On Facebook

    Posted by Chris Schwager on 19/07/16 06:22

    Facebook is capturing the curiosity of many friends, family and companies looking for what you have to offer. What about, YouTube and Instagram? Yes them too. Video marketing can be applified virtually any where. 


    This is swim survival! 

    Ridge Films created this swim survival video as a way to improve awareness across Facebook. The video reached over 300,000 people in one week which was an excellent result and gave us many insights into why the video went viral.

    chris schwager and shayla in swim survival video

      “...Your experience very closely mirrored our own of watching (sometimes with heart in mouth) our little daughter learning to master swim survival skills. One year on we are still attending weekly lessons (which our daughter loves), and whenever we swim in a public place parents always comment on the incredible skills and confidence, our 2.5-year-old daughter has in the water.”

    facebook comments for swim survival As you can see from the 390 positive comments of folks watching this video it has affected them profoundly. This video works because of a combination of good storytelling, emotive music and catchy titles that have helped bring viewers to clicking play. Let's not forget one very cute baby! But the video made it easy for parents to identify because they could see themselves in the same situation. Who doesn't want the best for their children?

    Three months on (out of the work we have been doing on Facebook) we got a hot lead from a top educational institution. I can confirm that it does work, and Facebook is another way to get your business out there, whether it’s viral or swim survival video on facebook

    More about Swim Survival. 

    From 6 months a baby can learn…

      • To take a breath before submerging in the water.
      • How to roll over and float from any position.
      • To stay floating and breathing until help arrives.
      • To survive when dress in full winter clothing, nappy and shoes (as seen in this video).


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