Improve Conversions Quickly With A Video On Landing Pages

    Posted by Chris Schwager on 07/10/16 15:07

    Video on Landing pages increase conversions by 80% (Source: eyeviewdigital)


    Australia is becoming more aware of how videos work, and the importance of them in business growth. However very few understand how effective landing pages and using video analytics to measure ROI, can be in converting prospective clients into customers. A video is still the most compelling call to action on landing pages where the user can clearly see an actionable play button.

    If the video is short, simple and on message, it will work fantastic when in collaboration with an offer. It helps the viewer quickly click, watch and if the video is relevant, then act. That should be your goal and the whole point of creating the video, to convert them to the next action.

    Watch scripting tips

    Quick quiz! By design, how and where should the video be placed on this landing page?

    buyer_s_guide example video on landing pagesHighlight what people will get when they download your offer

    Video on landing pages is so powerful, because it works in collaboration with your offer; an Ebook, webinar or event, to make conversion easier. Your video should highlight what the prospect will get when they download your offer. Honestly, it doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that. Help them, assist them in, help them!

    But don’t over-deliver, like landing pages themselves, your video should be simple and leave your audience wanting more.



    Learn from how they click, watch & act

    There is no such thing as a video for video sake. You pay for what you get with regards to video production value, and if you're investing correctly in a video, you need to justify the return on investment. So like all marketing, make sure you regularly review the results of the campaign; look at average viewer engagement vs. downloads of your offer.

    If you have pre-defined goals right from the start, then set up the metric you will go by to understand if it has been a worthwhile investment. Setting goals could get a little complicated, so it’s best to get professional advice to make sure all the ducks are aligning.



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