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    Posted by Chris Schwager on 13/04/17 16:18


    Interview with Chris Dale MarketingHQ and

    Chris Schwager: This morning I'm going to talk about how to include video into your marketing plan and campaigns, and I'm joined with a very special friend and guest and marketing consultant, Chris Dale from marketingHQ.



    Chris Dale: I help small and medium-sized businesses with their marketing basically providing outsource marketing services and show the value of using video within your customer journey.

    Chris: And talk to me Chris about the businesses that you work with, what their expectations are in terms of getting that initial plan and where you see, I suppose, video fitting into that plan for them.

    Chris Dale: From my customer point of view in terms of how we handle their marketing, we map out for them a customer journey. So we analyze every step of the customer decision making process to get a bit technical about it and through that customer journey, video has it's place at various points of that customer journey to help take the client closer to conversion. So at every point a customer has questions about your service, has questions about how you can help solve their problems and video slots in really neatly into little steps of their customer journey to help customers to understand their value proposition and to increase the likelihood of conversion.

    Chris: And Chris, what are the expectations of your customers when those initial conversations start to happen around video?

    Chris Dale: They want to know return on investment which is the key. They want to know what they're going to get out of it, how is video going to increase lead generation, how is video going to increase conversion and, you know, where it's going to be placed, you know, how is it going to work on the website. And there's lots of different questions, just not in a... Clients aren't generally familiar with video and how it works as a medium, so they have to have questions around how it's going to work, how it's going to be used and also what is going to be their return for their investment in video._MG_0060.jpg

    Chris: And so you're an experienced marketing consultant, you've been in the industry for a long time, how do you answer those questions?

    Chris Dale: I'll look with the help of...with you, with some case studies. End of the day, we measure everything we do, so we have the capability of saying "Look, this was a video marketing exercise that we undertook for a client. This is the results that we achieved." Whether it be through different key performance indicators, through website traffic, through lead generation, through filling out of website contact forms and so forth, but we give them hard facts, and that's what clients need. They need to know how it works. They need to know how it works for other people and how that is going to translate to obviously, as I said before, a return on investment, so what they're putting into, that marketing effort.

    Chris: Take me through very quickly the very early conversation with somebody that's looking for marketing services, not sure, maybe that doesn't have a marketing plan. What is that initial conversation like with them?

    Chris Dale: The initial old conversation always starts with understanding who their customer is, and I often find that clients don't have a very clear picture of...they may have an idea of their target market, but they don't understand the psychology of their customer. They don't understand how their customer buys. They don't understand the campaign points of their customer, and they do not understand exactly how that customer buys. So we do fairly deep analysis in the first stage of our engagement to really understand and profile their ideal customer, we build a buyer persona and create a portrait of their ideal customer is, what are their campaign points, what are their key objections, what are their goals, what are their... you know, what are their...fundamentally, what is the key point that's leading them to seek the services of my client. So, once we understand that then we can create the marketing strategy that includes video, that includes a whole range of other marketing tactics to help create a connection with that customer, to communicate through detailed marketing messaging how we can help solve that customer's problem, and then we allocate and determine what marketing strategies or activities are relevant to that market and how we can go about increasing leads and increasing sales conversion and so forth.


    Chris: What are the three things, just wrapping up now, that you would give to that small business owner or that business owner that could improve their understanding about marketing?

    Chris Dale: A, we give them a very clear picture of who their customer is, so we help them to understand the importance of really understanding who their customer is. Because most businesses that we first start with do not really understand their customer. They say they do, and they think they do, but they don't understand the key motivations that their customer has. We then help them to understand how that customer makes the decision to buy, so then we go through, and we educate them on the concept of a customer journey. And we educate them on some basic marketing principles of decision-making analysis and the steps that a customer goes through to make a purchase decision. So we help them to understand that, and then we help them to understand the need for consistent marketing activity. I always say that marketing needs to be a pulse. It needs to be consistent, and you need to be constantly reminding your ideal customer of who you are and the value you provide. So what we do educate them on is we help them to understand who they need to speak to. We help them to understand the process that that that ideal customer goes through to make a buying decision, and then we help them to understand that there is a definite need for consistency of implementation of marketing activity to deliver the results that they're looking for.

    Online_Video_journey_can_be_better_.jpgChris: You've said it many times before. The amount of people that have over the years have said...combines advertising and marketing as one.

    Chris Dale: The time old question of "Isn't marketing just advertising," that you speak of Chris? If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that marketing and advertising are the same thing... Advertising is a tool of marketing, okay. Marketing is far more involved. You know, a T.V. ad isn't your marketing campaign, but the marketing side of it is all the work that goes into understanding what the T.V. campaign needs to be to convince your customer to buy. So, advertising, whether it's print advertising, whether it's T.V. advertising, radio advertising, is just a marketing tool that you use to increase client conversion, increase brand awareness, increase understanding of what your brand is and the value that you provide. But "Advertising is simply a tool of marketing," is not the complete picture. And sure, it is a very important part of advertising, but at the end of the day, a marketer just doesn't go into a advertising agency and say "I need a T.V. ad." There's a lot of analysis that goes into briefing that agency. There's a lot of work that goes into helping that agency understand who the customer is and what motivates their buying decision, and that's what marketing is. Marketing is understanding the fundamentals of who your customer is, what price you should charge, where you should advertise, how you can influence the buying decisions through the various channels. Whether it's through free advertising, on an online environment, through offline, through direct sales, through a whole range of tactics. But yes, as I said, advertising is just one of them.

    Chris: Thank you so much for your time today. I think it's been very insightful to give particularly the small business sector a bit of an understanding, I suppose, in the sort of black and white of what, you know, marketing in its sort of rawest essence is all about. So thank you for spending, ten minutes with us this morning.

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