Video Focused Marketing Has Gotta Be Simple

    Posted by Chris Schwager on 02/02/17 10:23

    It's not video for video's sake, it's video focused marketing

    Video Focused Marketing Has Gotta Be Simple3.pngIf you're going to invest in video for video's sake, then you don't know what you're doing. You should probably just stop right now. But if you're going to invest as a way to take your competitors on, then video's going to be a great platform. Why? Because if you invest, you should be looking at it as, how do we make a profit from this investment? Video Focused Marketing Has Gotta Be Simple4.pngHow do we get a good positive return on investment that not only is good for the business in terms of bottom line, but draws your audience closer to you. That's all your audience wants. They want to click play. They want to know what's in it for them and they want it simplified for them.

    Get your audience from point A to point B

    Video Focused Marketing Has Gotta Be Simple_01.pngVideo's about getting your audience from point A to point B and simplifying it for them. As you see on Facebook, things aren't slowing down. There's going to be more and more video advertising. There's going to be more of that happening, and you need to understand how you're talking to your customers in their buyer journey. What type of micro content are you going to feed them that draws them closer to your business? That's where video is going. And that's where you need to get really serious. Not just switch on the camera and thinking 'let's start shooting'.

    Break down the language

    Video Focused Marketing Has Gotta Be Simple-4.pngAll you're trying to do is break down the language of your organisation so use a video script writter or have a crack and write your own script. Make it easy for the people to consume you. They want to click play. They want it in a video. And that's going to be the big driver for video marketing. It's not the bells and whistles video, and the endless amounts of creative variables that goes into video, but how you draw your audience closer. For example, talk in a language that people understand. And that's going to be the biggest thing with video. If you're not talking and simplifying what it is that you're doing, and making it more useful and helpful for people, then what's the point of it?

    Understand the type of video

    Video Focused Marketing Has Gotta Be Simple6.pngDon't think just one video is going to solve all your challenges with your marketing, because it's not. But if you're looking at it strategically and putting in a plan for investment and making sure that you know what you expect out of that return on investment,Video Focused Marketing Has Gotta Be Simple5.png then that's a really good foundation to start for your video marketing. So start thinking about it, put it in the plan and start using somebody outside of your organisation who understands video, the type of video, and where it sits within your buyer journey. Learn more in with our video marketing course and tools, good luck.


    Chris Schwager, Video Marketing Specialist


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