How To Take People On A Useful Online Video Journey

    Posted by Chris Schwager on 22/08/16 13:55

     Be human and talk to people as you would like to be spoken to.


    For years businesses have focused on using websites as a dumping ground for information without any logical flow to it. It was a boring, text based, technical, confusing and cold experience. Back then, websites were without any human experience and the sales and marketing process was such that, nobody really knew who they we doing business with. Later on, websites migrated to stock images and replaced some of the heavy text, but that wasn’t much better.


    People still do business with people

    Why am I telling you what you probably know? Because human interaction is still considered the most effective way to do business. And as you know, a pushy salesperson who tries to give you information when you haven't asked for it, creates a negative experience. You may end up frustrated and wanting to leave because the sales assistant just didn’t listen and the stuff they were telling you was not relevant. That is the result of a sloppy sale processes that probably occurs both on and offline. In the end you were just the recipient of recieving the wrong message, delivered at the wrong time.Online_Video_journey_can_be_better_.jpgUnderstand your buyer’s online video journey

    If you look at your buyer’s journey, it probably loosely emulates a retail shop. For example a good experience may be that you’re ready to buy. You walk into a shop and the sales assistant asks if they can help. They educate you and give you information needed to buy the product and then maybe towards the end, they give you some reasons other happy customers have bought, which gets you across the line to buy. It’s timed video journey lemonade

    Help your audience move from prospect to buyer

    A great video marketing strategy is a combination of having relevant videos in your sales and marketing process, both on your website or behind the scenes (offline), that builds confidence in your offering. It should be timed perfectly, with just enough relevant information to get the viewer to the next action.

    The key to this process is knowing your audience, what their pain points are and how to talk to them, which you've probably heard a million times before. The current trends for websites like YouTube, is help videos, and for good reason. People have been denied fast response information (even to answer a simple question) for too long.

    online video graphic

    Video is streamlining the education process, by breaking down barriers to information and instead segmenting it into bite sized topical pieces for people to consume. That’s why 60% of our video solutions are customised to help educate people on product or service, rather than waiting for a sales rep or service centre to respond. People want to be helped continuously.

    Here’s a couple of questions you need to answer to take people on a useful online video journey, that builds better rapport with you and your business.

    • Why does your industry exist? Make them aware that they are in the right place.

    • Why does your company exist? (important) Show people, company and culture, vision

    • Why do they need your product or service? Highlight your services and how they work

    • What are the unique benefits of your product or service they won’t get from your competition?

    • What do others say about you? Let unique stories help sell you. How_To_Take_People_On_A_Useful_Online_Video_Journey___ridgefilms.png

    Finally, don’t be everything to everyone

    If you think you're getting better value from a video production company, because you're producing longer video content, think again. Your corporate video is not about being everything to everyone and 50% of your audience will stop watching your video online after the first minute. So there may be a whole lot of redundancy to your video, that makes it a less effective investment, if it’s lengthy. Instead break into short, sharp, topical points that keeps the video content relevant for the right audience, at the right time.

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