5 Ways To Market Your Marketing Videos And Get More People Watching

    Posted by Chris Schwager on 10/04/17 06:30

    Learn how to market your marketing videos


    If you give them a chance, great marketing videos will work all day long to connect you with your customers.  

    When I talk about marketing your marketing videos and getting more watches, what I really mean is video implementation and boosting the engagement of your videos to ultimately improve your return on investment. This isn't about improving your views, but more so improving engagement and connection with your business. Good video marketing is about getting your videos to work for you, to help your company's efficiency and bring more business in the door. 


    1. Video Brochures


    Video brochures are really clever at capturing people's attention. They’re effectively a one fold brochure with a video screen inside. You can simply load up your video and once opened, it plays automatically, just like those chimes that used to play in birthday cards. They come in sizes starting from a business card, right up to a folder, depending on your budget. Video brochures have been around for quite a while, but there aren't many people that know about them, perhaps due to the cost (between AUD$30 and AUD$100 per unit) which varies depending on quantity. At this price you'll need to make sure you know what you're doing, particularly if you're sending them to prospects as direct mail, you'll want to ensure that you follow them up.


    2. Video in email signatures

    marketing videos in email signaturesVideo in your email signature, can be a really effective way to improve the results of your video. There's no doubt people are curious to know more about you, particularly when emails can be so impersonal at times. The play button is still the most compelling call to action in an email signature, combined with your pretty face, this gives your email recipient a good chance at getting to know you better. People will watch if you give them the chance and make it easy for them. Just insert an image into your email signature with a play button on it and hyperlink to a page on your website perhaps in the "about us" section, then have the video auto play so it’s easy for them to view. Also this is a chance to start a conversation, take them to the next stage or ask for something like signing up to your blog or download a PDF. 


    3. Video in EDM's (Electronic Direct Mail)

    Marketing Videos within your EMD

    Videos help people to buy. In fact 77% of consumers have been convinced to buy a product or service just by watching a video. If it's relevant to them and consumable and interesting, your chances will dramatically improve by having a video within your EDM. If the word ‘video’ is used in the email subject line of your EDM this can boost 'open' rates by 19% and 'click-through' rates by 65%. The simplest way to insert a video into your EDM is to attach an image with a play button on it and hyperlink it to the page where your video lives on your website.  


    4. Videos and Social Media

    Using marketing videos for social media

    Video within social media can be really useful in further building trust with your audience. The simplest way is having a personal profile video of yourself posted on LinkedIn that helps people establish further rapport with you. LinkedIn is still finding ways to make video easier within the platform, so watch this space. Facebook is a no brainer when it comes to video, but like I always say, ‘make sure it's the right video, at the right time, for the right audience'.


    5. Videos on Websites, Blogs and Landing pages

    marketing videos in website blogs

    When using video within your website, blog posts or landing pages, make sure the video is relevant and customise the video thumbnail. (Create a unique picture behind the play button to attract your audience and help represent what the video is about).

    • Customising the thumbnail of your video will increase the play rate by 35%, but make sure it's interesting with a :-) for good measure.
    • Blog posts have shown 425% more traffic per post using video content. (source: Element Three)
    • Landing Pages have also shown an increase of 80% in conversions by having video included (Source: eyeviewdigital)
    To get the best out of your videos have a clear play button with no other distractions and position videos top and centre of your page.  


    It's tempting to just blast your video everywhere such as YouTube, but this is about getting more people looking at what you're offering. People who learn about your product or service by watching your videos will spend more time on site, have greater engagement with your brand and get more valued interactions that will move them closer to your business.


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