How To Avoid Mistakes Made Using Trade Show Videos

    Posted by Chris Schwager on 27/02/17 13:58

    Learn Tips For Using Videos At Trade Shows

    Interview Recording with Christian McNally, Event Producer, Grand Stand Events & Chris Schwager, Video Marketing Specialist, Ridge Films



    Chris: Hello everybody on this Friday afternoon. My name is Chris, and I'm from Ridge Films, and this afternoon I'm interviewing Christian McNally a good friend of mine and colleague who have done plenty of events for his trade shows. Christian is a events coordinator for Grand Stand Events. Christian welcome and tell us a little bit more about your business.

    Christian: Hi, Chris thanks very much for the intro so. Grand Stand Events we build, design, build and project manage custom stands at all the major trade shows around the country and a few of the minor ones. And I guess I've been doing it for 15 years, so I live and breath, expose flaws from week to week.

    Chris: And Christian I know that you've got a bit of wakeboarding paraphernalia in the background there.

    Christian: Sorry about that. Friday inspiration, Friday inspiration.

    Chris: Good stuff, but the first question I'd like to ask Christian is for the exhibitors of these events. What do you think one of your key tips would be for exhibitors using trade show videos within their stands?

    Alocate Time Creating Your Videos

    Christian: Pretty simply, get your content right. So I've seen people spend $30,000 on a TV screen, a led screen as big as you can imagine, and they've done it with content that arrived 20 minutes before the show. It was poorly put together, it wasn't linked back to their overall marketing strategy, had nothing to do with the interaction on the stand space. Display for trade show videosThey literally just wanted to see their logo in flashing lights. So I've seen people spend $500 on a TV screen and nail it, so content is the key. I think a lot of effort goes into designing the space, planning the sales staff, organizing all your stock to get there, promotion staff, coffee on the stands, dinner with VIPs, a lot of effort goes into all these things. And then people forget we've spent $10,000 or $20,000 on a big LED screen, let's get the content together properly. So if I could give anyone a tip, it's spend the time prior to getting that content right.

    Chris: And that sounds fine for big exhibitors. What about the little guy that does the three by three stand? What advice could you give him?

    Think About Your Content For Your Trade Show Videos

    Christian: Don't do it if you don't have the time to put into the content or the money. You'd be better off having a static image rather than having... and this is just my opinion from the years I've seen it. There's no point having a video if your content isn't strong, you know, leave your logo have your hero image static and save the video for when you've got the time to do it. Don't... like I've seen people who've done their own video job where they assemble something together. The shaky camera goes around the office you know, with smiling faces. It's a good effort, but it's not strong enough if you're trying to make presence in the showroom floor.Trade Show Videos Designs

    Chris: So I suppose being trade show you'd expect fairly noisy atmosphere and therefore that probably forces a lot of exhibitors into kind of being more visual about the content as oppose to doing the thing with the audio side of it. I suppose what tips would you have to any exhibitor in regards to just being more visual focused as opposed to, you know, traditional video that has audio as well.

    Make Your Video Messaging Strong

    Christian: Yes, so your smaller exhibitor can't rely on audio. They're too close to others. There's so much ambient noise in the exhibition floor. The larger exhibitor can go for sound because they you know, if you've got 100 square meters of space at an expo one, you've spent a bucket load of money to be there. You spent a bucket load of money on getting a stand designed and built, you have the space and you can use some audio. So my tip for using audio, first is remember you're going to have to hear it all day every day for two, three, or four days consistent than for people without audio then you've got to make your messaging strong. It can't just be smiling faces. You're gonna have to bring some text, and you tell me what the right words are. But perhaps those transitions slides, the bits that bring in the text that link the brand back because you can't rely purely on the hero images. You're gonna need to bring some text in there when you don't have audio to rely on.

    Trade Show Videos and Services

    Chris: Potential exhibitors looking to invest in a show, what advice would you give to them before they're even looking at stands, events, trade show videos, any of that stuff?

    Christian: So one of the first things I will always ask someone when we go to get a brief is, "Why are you exhibiting?" And generally there's not many first-time exhibitors that we're seeing. They're repeat exhibitors, they've been to shows before. The answers can vary but undoubtedly the number one reason why people are exhibiting is because face to face connections are what help them increase their sales pipeline, convert more sales or improve their positioning in the market. So despite all the technology available to us, all the online tools, face to face connections are still making up a huge amount of people purchasing decisions amongst trade shows. So the first thing I try to determine is what are they trying to get from that. Are they trying to sell a certain number of items? Are they purely trying to increase their database, increase their pipeline because there's a whole bunch of prospective new clients coming through, or if it's a show where it's a known audience and they been seeing the same audience for 30 years. Is it about continued market presence, demonstrating new products, and reaffirming their position in the market. And then from there... Oh I was gonna say, I mean from there that's where we come up with a concept that will work. More Tips For Trade Show Videos

    Chris: Christian it's been absolutely awesome talking to you on this Friday afternoon. I thoroughly enjoyed not only watching you but some of those short clips of wakeboarding in the background. It's kept me going, so thank you so much.

    Christian: You'll see me in one of those, I'm sure.

    Chris: Look it's been really great. I look forward to an ongoing relationship and just thanks for spending you know 10 minutes with us and giving our audience a little bit of an inside into their videos and what to look out for when exhibiting. Thanks so much.

    Christian: Thanks again mate.I'll speak to you later.


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