How To Attract More Attendees Using An Event Video

    Posted by Chris Schwager on 20/02/17 08:27

    Get the formula right, when doing an event video

    Interview Recording with Christian McNally, Event Producer, Grand Stand Events & Chris Schwager, Video Marketing Specialist, Ridge Films

    Christian: Alright I am here with my good mate Chris from Ridge Films just wanted to catch up with Chris. It’s Friday afternoon it’s pretty late and I thought I’d ask him a few questions on videos and video marketing. So Chris, over to you Chris, do you quickly want to introduce Ridge Films and yourself.



    Chris: Thank you Christian, we are a video marketing company who produces videos. So our clients are anyone from small business to large corporates. Anybody that wants to grow their business using video. Our point of difference in the market is that, we are not video for video sake. We don’t just switch on the camera, we have a 7 stage process that enables you to actually understand what you are doing right from strategy, through to measuring the results and ROI of video for your business. 

    Find the picture that speaks louder than words

    Christian: I can see you are in the studio there and obviously you have been shooting today so thanks for taking the time mate I really appreciate it. One of the things I wanted to talk about was video are obviously used for expos. Event Video for IvecoWe are building led screen that are 12 and 14, I even have one built at 120m wide so theses are huge spaces that are upward of $20, 30-40000 for these screen for what could be a 2 or 4 day event. Content wise I have seen some that are really good, and seen some that are really really bad. What I wanted to ask you is how do we get it right. What do we need to do to get that formula right, when we are doing an event video?

    Make it sensoramic

    Chris: Good question, it’s a really good question. The theory behind it is there is no different to audience hitting a website. There is limited attention span, they may not have audio on their speakers for instance these are some of the barriers that video has. 15.jpgWithin the trade show and event space, what you have got is there is a very limited attention span, as well and video plays a very important role when people use it because pictures speak louder than words, and whatever imagery that you are using has got to be brand cohesive and It has to be able demonstrate the ‘why’ of the organisation. Not the what, as the what will come when you walk up to the sexy girl at the trade show or the gentleman there, that are able to articulate and communicate what the product is or what the service is that they are trying to sell. So this is the eye candy that needs to come through really quickly and in some cases from examples of what I have seen from exhibitors that have missed the mark are from trying to make it too clever, or brand cohesion and the messaging were not at the forefront of their vision prior to putting it together.

    Christian: I did lead there the big screens and we also do small screens, so I don’t want to just target out the big screens. Same message obviously for someone who’s going to stand in front of a 65cm screen?

    Who are you trying to target?

    Chris: Absolutely it’s just a glance isn’t it? It’s the same behaviour online. It’s a glance if it hasn’t caught their attention or hasn’t got a logical flow to the content, then I guarantee, you’re just losing opportunities there. TAL event video screenBut this video space also works in collaboration with all these other elements. You can’t boil one engagement down to "well did the video work or didn’t it?” Design of trade shows really important, is the person that’s actually sitting behind the stand engaging with attendees. The amount of trade shows I have been to where they have a beautiful stand there, and it’s Sally from the mailroom or the sub or whoever is just sitting behind a desk and doesn’t care. You and i can argue that’s a missed opportunity but some organisation think that being present, is being enough and maybe they are happy to waste $20,000 exhibiting.

    Christian: I don’t think anyone wants to waste that sort of money. Give me 3 tips, 3 tips that I can share with my clients from a video perspective what should they be doing.

    Tell your story with the sound down

    Chris: So go in with an understanding obviously who your audience is. Who out of all those attendees are you really trying to target. Second of all What is it that you are trying to sell and what is the imagery. If you had to boil it down to one photo image what is it that really articulating to the audience, and making sure you pick the best imagery that again catches the eye and explains very clearly what it’s about. Thirdly, make it sensoramic because it’s kind of like a commercial TV advertising type space, you’ve got to be something to be quirky and catchy that articulates their ‘why’ as quickly as possible and entices people to come and talk to them and make it a welcoming experience. What we know about video marketing is that visitors or audience will always gravitate to faces for recognition in the buying process, and it’s proven it’s a proven thing so if you are looking to maximise your return on investment in video make sure there is a human in there. It could be because there’s no talkies because you’ve got this obstacle of noisy atmosphere and in some cases or the audio is somewhat redundant. You got to be able to tell this story with the sound down.

    Use Closed Captions to follow it easier

    The good parallel here to draw inspiration from is Facebook because Facebook, when you scroll down your feed the user is expecting the user has no sound or is on a noisy train or is on the toilet at 6am in the morning trying to not wake the baby, so they need to be able to consume the content as well as anybody else with the sound down. So how do you do that if you really got to tell a dialogue? It's with closed captions, to help people consume the content if it’s highly technical product or service you are offering. So those are a couple of tips from the top of my head, to help to maximise the effort of producing that content

    Christian: That’s fabulous mate. Look I have hit you up so many times, thanks so much for your wisdom and I look forward to catching up with you soon ok.

    Chris Thank you Christian it’s been absolutely my pleasure.


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