Fun Little Christmas Videos That Achieve Fantastic Results

    Posted by Chris Schwager on 19/09/16 15:27


    Give back to your clients with Personalised Christmas Videos that you can track

    Ho, Ho, Ho It's always a right time of the year to give back to your customers, the question is, are you going to be sending the Standard Christmas Cards this year? If you’re looking for something different which shows you care and gives clients a behind the scenes look at your organisation, this could be for you.

    Stats_for_Ridge_Christmas Videos

    Watch these little Christmas videos which have produced a dramatic yet consistent 93% average engagement over the last two years. What does that mean? On average, people watch 93% of the video.

    2015 Ridge Films Christmas Video 

    Here are some do’s and don’ts for creating compelling Christmas videos.


    Don’t make it about you

    This is the chance to thank your clients for a prosperous year and how they’ve made a difference to your business. So use the words ‘you’ or ‘your’ rather than ‘we’, ‘me’ or ‘I’. 

    Refrain from in-house jokes

    In-house jokes maybe funny to you but could be misunderstood by your clients. Instead, joke about something everyone can enjoy and which is common to most/all of your customers.

    Ridge_Films_Christmas Videos.png

    In 2014, we had, even more people watch our video. Views and enquiries, still trickle to this day.

    2014 Ridge Films Christmas Video  


    Give the audience a message that is helpful

    Be useful by giving people something they may not know or better still would never know unless they watched this video. For example “Get your personalised Christmas message and catch our hot tip for next year”.

    Keep it to 30 seconds

    Make sure you script all the parts of the video. People are still time poor, so best to keep it short, sharp and to the point. Remember 50% of your audience stops watching after the first minute.

    Merry_Christmas_Videos_from_The Studio.png

    Add Humour

    Keep it light hearted and give your viewers a different perspective of your culture. If potential customers see your organisation as fun and approachable, they may more likely do business with you.

    Offer them something

    It is the season to be giving, so why not thank them for watching by giving them a small gift in exchange for being loyal customers. An offer will go a long way in retaining your customers.

    Click to watch other Christmas videos.


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