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    Posted by Chris Schwager on 07/07/17 16:38

    It's All About Better Client Engagement!


    Chris: I'm joined here with Lyle Greig, Certified Financial Planner with Bridges Financial Services. Lyle's gonna talk to us a little bit about how he's used professional video in his awareness phase of his business. Lyle, thank you so much for joining us.

    Lyle: My pleasure, Chris. How're you going?

    Chris: Excellent, thank you. Lyle, you've produced a whole series of both awareness education and now DIY content. Just with the awareness stuff, how has professional video helped your business?

    Lyle: It's really just sort of getting the client more familiar with who I am and showcasing my personality. I guess just having video gives you a bit of a competitive edge, a difference. Not that many financial planners out there are really using video, and some that are using it probably aren't using it as well as I think I'm using it. 

    Financial Advisor Videos

    Chris: You said it yourself. It's video, for you, is like the video business card. You've stated also financial services is very boring. How has video given you the edge that you need?

    Lyle: I guess it's just more about cutting through and letting the client know what sort of person I am. So, yeah, we're all individuals, I guess financial planning is sort of pretty boring and stuffy. So, if I can make it sort of try and make it more interesting with interesting videos, I think that's definitely gonna give me an edge against the next financial planner. And I just have an interest in technology I suppose. Everyone's talking about fintech in financial planning and what the next stage is. Well, video is just all part of that, whether it be video, me presenting to camera or video conferencing, things like this.

    "My Profile Video Is Essentially A Video Business Card"

    Chris: And how are you actually using the video? So, at what stage in your marketing journey are you using the awareness video?

    Lyle: Okay. So, I guess, if a client's referred to me, the first thing they're gonna do is Google my name and straight away video's gonna come up. So, the first video they should find on my website, I guess, is my profile video, which is sort of 30 seconds, you know, essentially a video business card. And that's just introducing myself and telling my specialization and just, yeah, just basically selling myself as a professional. At that point, if they dig a little bit deeper, there's a whole bunch of other videos they can find, which is really the seven stages of financial planning. So, if they don't sort of discover that first time round, then I'll be pushing it out to them at some stage after I meet them.

    Chris: And, Lyle, you are cutting edge in a way that there aren't a lot of other businesses in financial services using video. What are your clients saying about the videos?

    Producing Financial Advisor Videos

    You Can't Beat A Punchy 30 To 60 Second video To Get Across A Message.

    Lyle: Yeah, they like them. Some of them sort of have a bit of a laugh. It is a little bit narcissistic in a way, but yeah, that's just who I am. Lyle's that guy that's got an interest in videos. And I suppose, yeah, I think they just like it. It's all about better client engagement. And video is always gonna be better than sending a client thousands of words to read. You can't beat just a punchy sort of 30 to 60 second video to try and get across a message. And I know some of my videos, if other financial planners sort of looked at them, they might sort of go, "Oh, well, yeah, maybe I wouldn't have said it like that." Good. I'm glad that people say that, because I'm not actually talking to you. I'm not talking to another financial planner. I'm talking to real human beings. So, coming up with the scripts and the assistance from yourself, Chris, was to sort of cut through that boring financial planning psychobabble to make something just more interesting and, at times, a little bit quirky. Let's be honest. Some of my videos, not exactly how I thought they would have turned out, but I love them, and I think they work really, really well.

    You Are Who Google Says You Are

    Chris: So, what do you think have been the results of videos that you've used, particularly in that awareness stage for your business?

    Lyle: Well, I'm a massive sort of believer of this whole ZMOT, Zero Moment of Truth, which is all about, for those who haven't been familiar with it, is trying to get up five, six, seven hours of a potential customer or client engaging or digesting your content. And I just see the videos as a way to do that. So, when I sort of sat down with Ridge Films with you, Chris, and sort of worked out that, yeah, I want to break down the financial planning to seven stages or seven steps, it then forced me to go, "Well, okay, I'm gonna start pushing these emails out, pointing clients to these videos along that journey." And so before they're making that purchasing decision to trust me with their money, to be their financial planner, I've managed them to sort of click and watch and view and then also point them to be reading stuff as well. Yeah, it's just building up the client digesting you and sort of getting to know you further. I know myself as a consumer, if I was purchasing a fairly significant good or service, you have to think about it. You have to go away, think about it, sleep on it, maybe read a brochure, watch a video, do your research, well, I have that Google footprint. You are who Google says you are. And, if someone Googles my name, then there's plenty of stuff there for them to have a look at.

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