Epic Fail Department Of Finance Recruitment Video

    Posted by Chris Schwager on 01/03/17 17:05

    Our thoughts of this Department of Finance video which may be the worst government ad ever according to SMH. 

    1st Watch this recruitment video on SMH

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    Image from SMH: This hilarious Department of Finance video may be the worst government ad ever

    department of finance recruitment video from smh

    This hilarious Department of Finance video may be the worst government ad ever. I agree and I see it every single day, and in Australia we've really gotta step up our video marketing. I'm baffled that lines like "I'm actually off to an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff network meeting", makes it into a recruitment video. Who's taking charge of the video scripting process? 

    If you haven't seen the video, go and check it out. It's a finance recruitment video from the department of finance, and it ain't very good, so I won't keep talking about it. I really wanna dedicate this next minute to the individual who commissioned this video. I'm talking to you, here's a couple of tips. Video is not about switching on the camera and going, "Hey, we've got a video." It's about getting your audience to think about something, to do something or to feel an emotional connection, so that your audience draws closer and you achieve the results and the outcome that you intended on achieving in the first place.

    Three minutes is too long to put out a recruitment video. Fifty percent of your audience drops off after the first minute. So make it short, sharp, consumable, and to the point. If it's culture that you're trying to get across and I think it is, "This is a great place to work," hire a video script-writer outside of your organisation, not your copywriter, not an in-house executive or the legal firm, and who think they can knock up a script. Get somebody who understands the language of your audience and who understands how to communicate to them on their level in a language they understand. Please help me. $40,000? You could have given us $40,000. Here's my deal clincher. I will have a coffee with you completely free of charge. Call ridgefilms.com.au, and I will come and help you. 

    P.S Scripting is everything, check out video script writing to help guide you.

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