3 Ways To Transform Company Videos Into Facebook Video Ads

    Posted by Chris Schwager on 25/07/16 06:23

    1. Edit Your Video Using The Most Important Parts And Keep It Relevant To Your Facebook Audience.



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    If you're looking to improve leads (via traffic coming into your website), videos created for your home page may be taken out of context when you publish them as Facebook video ads or via other social/video channels. So be careful to make sure that your video marketing is targeting the audience that you're trying to attract and that you're not about to give them the same video twice when you bring them to your website.

    Facebook Video Ads As Corporate Videos

    2. Create Short Video Snippets

    Creating shorter versions of your videos (teasers if you like) will make it easier for you audience to consume. Over the past couple of years, we've seen clients re-posting their company videos (produced for their website) via social media, with varying results. Some have even used paid advertising to help boost the engagement of the videos. As I've said many times before, video marketing is all about delivering the right videos at the right time for the right audience and helping to bring them closer to you.

    This Swim Survival clip was edited into more attention grabbing 40 second video.  


    Show your audience something that they haven't seen before and if you can reveal some emotion in your Facebook video ads, as a way to spark interest. Try and get your audience to Think, Feel Do. By capturing their attention, you’re helping to lead them to the next stage of their journey.


    3. Use Titles To Communicate

    Use a lot of titles to help people quickly understand what the Facebook video ads are about and assume they won’t be listening to them. As an example, your audience may find it difficult to hear your videos if they are using their smartphone on a noisy train or cafe, so think about using easy to read titles.

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